jQuery image Preloader Update

A long time ago I wrote a plugin for jQuery that allowed preloading of images. This plugin allowed for preloading a list, directly from the css or both. All three options came with callbacks to signify that the process had completed. There were a couple of issues with the Plugin though: It failed to strip […]

jQuery Keyz Plugin

The purpose of this plugin is to easily facilitate the end user to create and hook key presses for their own use. Usually you would need to know what key links with which keycode etc. Usage It’s as easy as these steps: Include jquery – either from CDN or local source Include jquery.keyz.js call the […]

jQuery Plugin: Element Existence

Just a Quick little snippet really.. Over at JqueryForDesigners.com @rem mentioned about checking if an element exists or not, I’ve been doing this for some time using the following snippet:

to use it you can now do this:

Hope this is helpful to some people

jQuery image Preloader Plus Callbacks

 THIS POST IS NOW DEFUNCT SEE  http://binarykitten.com/dev/371-jquery-image-preloader-update.html Hi all, After comments on the previous version by Roberto, I looked into creating callbacks within the code so that it can be used in the way that Roberto had outlined, also I used it as a way to improve my knowledge a little. After a while I […]

jQuery plugin: ajax Head Request

I recently looked into the head request for pulling data without much overhead. PHP can send headers out to the browser in a response.. so I looked into a way to get these headers. I came across a page that outlined using head requests via the xmlhttprequest object. I looked inside jQuery for this functionality […]

jQuery image Preloader

— New version with Callbacks now available — Recently I looked into preloading images via Javascript. I found all the usual ones which require you have a list of all the images you wish to preload. For me though, specifying the images is rather annoying. Also I much prefer CSS roll overs to Javascript ones […]