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Welcome to my little space on the web.
This Site is for me to place my code, complain, rant and do whatever comes naturally to a web geek residing in Manchester UK.

Recruiter Information

Hello Recruiters, Recruitment Agents, Head Hunters and other people looking to Hire me.
Please note that I am currently employed by Reason Digital and am not actively seeking a new position.
If you are still interested in trying to persuade me to leave them (which isn’t that likely) then you need to know the following:
  • DO NOT Call Me – Calling me during work hours will most likely get you blacklisted
  • DO NOT SEND MAIL SHOT – Sending me email about “Roles you have” that may interest me, will not interest me and will most likely get you blacklisted
  • DO NOT ADD ME TO MAIL LIST – My email is personal. If I wanted you to add it to your mailing list, I would add it myself. Adding me to a mailing list will get your company blacklisted
  • DO EMAIL ME DIRECTLY – Sending me an email about a particular role is cool.

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